Samson - 3 reasons why we love the Michigan Denim

3 reasons why we love the Michigan Denim


Denim! We all own at least more than one pair of it. Why? Because it is a staple and a necessity. One of the things we love is how you can wear it all year round, but let’s look at why denim just works!

Whether you want to dress them up or down, there are a pair of denim pants available to suit your style. These are some of the most versatile pair of pants in the market that allow you to make the world your canvas. Some conservatives may say that demin can’t be worn to work because it is too casual but we say otherwise. Pairing a dark pair of denim pants with a blazer and either a good pair of heels or brogues is a sure way to make your look that much more neat and formal.

Denim comes in many different cuts and shades which is perfect for wearing it all year round. We love the Samson Michigan Denim pants particularly because it brings two of our favourite things together: denim and chinos. Chino pants of all types work because of how they master the smart casual look. They are less formal than dress pants and more formal than jeans. When Samson brought these two together it was a sure win because the denim pants automatically made the denim pants a bit formal- which is an advantage for those who live and work in their denim pants. In the summer months specifically, these work well with loafers because they are comfortable enough to wear all day long and the tapering that they have at the bottom stands out more when wearing loafers.

The Samson Michigan denim pants are available in a variety of colours. To see what colours we have in store, visit our website on