Samson - 3 reasons why we love the Raglan hoodie

3 reasons why we love the Raglan hoodie


More often than not hoodies are known for being warm and long sleeved but this is not the case for the Raglan hoodie.

What we love about this hoodie is that it can be worn in different styles and not only in winter. The most common way to wear it is to layer it. Here are 3 best ways to achieve the “I didn’t work hard for this look but it just to happen to look stylish” look.

You can never go wrong with a black leather jacket. What makes this staple piece even more appealing is how you can layer it with this particular hoodie. Most would opt for the Raglan hoodie (than the normal thick hoodies) mainly because it is sleeveless so it’s doesn’t give you the buff and uncomfortable look. Another great way to wear this hoodie is with a denim jacket. This will give you the relaxed athletic look and feel, while also still not feeling heavy and overwhelmed by the heavy materials.

Lastly, rock it on its own- its bold enough to make a statement. It’s got a good shape to it and is warm enough to be worn alone. The bonus part is that it is available in other amazing colours. Having said that, this summer you have no choice but to show some arms with the Raglan hoodie. To see other colours in the Raglan hoodie, visit our website on