Samson - 3 ways to style the Forte Hare baseball jacket

3 ways to style the Forte Hare baseball jacket


We have all either owned one or taken one from a lover in high school. The iconic baseball jacket used to make the rounds most especially among matric learners, a distinct staple piece which would be incorporated into their uniform to set them apart and give them the “senior” look.

It’s all well and fun to wear this thick bulky jacket but let’s first find out its origins. This jacket first came to be known at the preppy Harvard University in the 1800’s as a way of distinguishing their baseball team against the rest. They did this by giving their top players a jacket with a fabric letter “H” sown onto the centre of their uniforms. This was strictly monitored and the distinguished letter would be taken away if the players playing standards dropped.

Fast forward to 2017 and we are seeing the same mistakes being made when putting together an outfit where the baseball jacket is the statement piece. Most times than not, the jacket is either too bulky or the wrong jacket style gets chosen. Here are three of our favourite ways to wear the baseball jacket.

It’s very important to get the right fit when it comes to the jacket, unless you are hoping for the swamped look. Getting the right jacket size helps your overall look to be neat and sharp.

This is a sporty-kind-of-jacket so essentially you need to make the whole look seem like it was put together within minutes.

Keep it simple by choosing simple colours and designs. Let the jacket make the statement and watch all eyes move towards your jacket. You can achieve this look by getting our very own Forte Hare baseball jacket.

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