Samson - 3 ways to style your corduroys

3 ways to style your corduroys


Let’s talk about a clothing trend that was big in the sixties, especially in the autumn/ winter old-school times. Let’s talk about corduroy.

This is a particularly tricky material and look to get right but it’s better to nip these mistakes in the bud because corduroys are coming back in style. Often if you aren’t overwhelmed by the stripe-like silhouette shape then it is the actual material that makes it confusing as whether to pair them with a cotton top or something else.

Here are a few do’s and don’ts to make sure that you are on the right path:

Do try make sure that you avoid shapeless pants as far as possible. These don’t work because they offer your body no shape or accentuation. On the same note though, avoid corduroy pants that are too tight because firstly you don’t want to flash unflattering parts of your body, and importantly, this is a particularly strong and tough material which means that the tighter the pants are, the more uncomfortable they will be. Lastly, AVOID ALL CORDUROY HATS- they just don’t work.

To ensure that you wear corduroys the right way, make sure that the size fits you well. If you want an even better look, crop the pants, this will give the pants an edgy look to them. A sure colour that makes corduroys look good, is midnight blue. This colour is mysterious and regal. If you really want to go all out though, kit out in a full suit!

Samson has cotton corduroy pants that are perfect for the go-getter. Our favourite colour from the range is gunmetal. It’s casual and neutral enough to go with a variety of colours which is a big win. To see what other colours we have in our range visit our website on