Samson - How to style a dungaree

How to style a dungaree


We love the dungaree because it is the most versatile and underrated item of clothing around. This means there is no excuse for looking mediocre in dungarees. Spice it up!

The beauty of some work spaces these days is the freedom to not be bound to suits and formal attire. If this is the case then the dungaree is for you. Try to add a touch of smart casual by layering your dungaree with a longline blazer and a pump heels and you should be good to go.

If it’s the weekend though and you are trying to look snazzy, why not try a cropped pair of dungarees with an ankle boot. Not only is this look relaxed, but the boots add a bit of class to the look which is always a win.

If however, you want to go for the rebel “don’t care” look, then the undone look is definitely for you. Simply unbutton the entire top section of the dungaree so that your top is fully exposed. Pair this with a crop top, pair of flat sneakers and sunnies and go into your day with confidence.

We love the Samson dungaree because of it’s simplicity. You don’t need to accessorize it with many things because the stripes alone speak volumes. Visit our website on  to see what other styles we have in our dungaree range.