Samson - How to wear suede and stay cool this summer

How to wear suede and stay cool this summer


Summer is here and so is the heat. Most people who are in corporate industries find this time of the year particularly uncomfortable as they still have to dress up in formal attire regardless of the heat.

Not all laced-ups shoes are uncomfortable though, which is why we will take you through how to wear suede this summer and still stay cool. If possible have two colours for your suede shoes, also try to choose Nubuck suede shoes as these are the most easy to style and the most versatile shoe.

Not only is this shoe a looker (because let’s face it, those shoes will not go unnoticed) but they are the most comfortable as they allow your feet to breath. In the summer months we encourage that you don’t wear heavy cotton socks but light secret socks, also to enhance the breathability. What we like about these shoes is that they are so versatile and can go from office wear straight to the beach  wedding.

We recommend Samson’s Boccelli boots because they are available in brown. It’s important to have brown suede shoes because almost everything goes with this colour. We say make it your staple.

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