Samson - Hustle on with Samson

Hustle on with Samson


It’s not every day that you encounter a South African clothing brand that encompasses the history and heritage of our entertainment industry.

The first time I saw Samson’s iconic Kitchen Suits, I thought of the equally legendary Joe Mafela and the good old days of S’gudi S’naysi. This one actor made the kitchen suit synonymous with his style and on screen character. The kitchen suit embodied the spirit of the modern day hustler of his time.

Otherwise known as,”Imbungulu”, Joe Mafela became the unofficial ambassador of this ensemble, forever dodging the ruthless loan shark, “Laqhasha” while trying to conjure up quick financial wins so that he could pay him back before he broke his legs-no joke.

With the recent passing of the legend and the change in economic and social struggle, you would think that the look would have faded away by now, much to the contrary, this hustler and “never-give-up spirit” still comes through in Samson’s latest range and in this case, the Kitchen Suit.

Samson’s Kitchen Suits are made with the highest quality and design standard. Each garment is made to embody creativity, agility and passion. These comfortable yet fashion garments can be worn as they are or they can be accessorized to fit the more avant-garde crowd.

Visit your nearest Samson retailer and channel your inner legend.