Samson - Paying homage through the Samson dungaree

Paying homage through the Samson dungaree


We are very excited to see that the Samson dungaree has been receiving some attention on social media. It is so interesting to see how creative the public is being when incorporating the dungarees to their outfits.

A popular trend we have been seeing is the effortless Pantsula look which usually incorporates a bucket hat/ beanie, t-shirt and the dungaree. It’s quite refreshing to see that this look which was very popular among the guys, is now being embraced by the ladies. This look sustained a lot of nights out this past winter. When the temperatures dipped it was very easy to switch the look up with a hoodie underneath and party the night away, after all the Samson brand is for the strong and outgoing.

The ladies have been bringing their innovation A-game to the outfits. We have been seeing the dungaree look being merged with stiletto heels and a pair of sunglasses which was a clever way of taking the look a notch up and adding a sense of exuberance and femininity.  

The Samson dungaree represents freedom and most importantly freedom of expression. It was very heart-warming to see the youth on social media commemorating the heroes of years past who fought for such luxuries. In a way, we can say that the amount of effort and creativity put into these elaborate ensembles is a way of paying homage to these heroes the best way they know how. 

So what are you waiting for? Get down to your nearest Samson retailer to get your dungaree and reinvent your look.