Samson - Why we love the basic 5 pocket trouser

Why we love the basic 5 pocket trouser


Who doesn’t like a pair of basic trousers? Why, you say? Because the options to dress them up are endless. Here are three reasons why we love the basic trouser.

Comfort is key, no matter what you are wearing or the occasion, you have to enjoy being in what you are dressed in because often time than not, you will spend a few of hours in that garment. The next time you go shopping for a pair of pants, make sure it’s the correct fit and something you are comfortable in.

We love the many pockets that the Samson basic trouser has. It screams of being laid back and is generally something you can throw on for a casual look. Apart from the aesthetics of the pants, who doesn’t love the practicality of the pockets. You never know their importance until you need to stick something in them so #PocketsAreKey.

There is nothing as lovely as a garment that you can dress up or down whenever you want to because versatility is key. Try dress up these pants with a slim fit shirt that is rolled up (for flair of course) or for the casual look pair these pants with a good golf t-shirt, the secret to getting this look right is the tailoring of the pants. The better and snug the tailoring is, the better the look will be.

Samson got it right with the basic 5 pocket trouser. To check out our basic 5 pocket pant, visit our website on