Samson - Why we love the underrated worker boot

Why we love the underrated worker boot


Let’s face it, most men who are not in the “hard” grimy industries which require serious utility wear, often shy away from the worker boot. They do not in the slightest bit find them enticing nor do they think it is the most fashionable thing on the rack.

There is so much more to the boot that goes beyond aesthetics, which most people seem to be missing. Your toes are one of the most vulnerable places on the body, they need all the protection they can get from the elements so as to also allow you to get going with the job at hand. They are not for those concerned with looks because they favour functionality over fashion. This is seen in how chunky the sole is as well as the durability element in the weatherproof finish that the boot has, clearly showing that this is the shoe that is built for the outdoors. This is no excuse though to come up with a shabby ensemble when wearing this worker boot.

The Samson’s Mens Bazooka boot goes particularly well with a pair of khakhi chinos or a pair of rough denim pants to bring out the outdoorsy, ready-to-get-things-done look. It is definitely for those who are ready to conquer in their field.

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