Samson - Why we say yes to the boat shoe

Why we say yes to the boat shoe


Boat shoes are so common these days, just as common as the mistakes that people make when wearing them. Luckily these mistakes aren’t too ghastly and can be rectified. Here is why we love the boat shoe and why we think it is such a gem.

Firstly let us talk about how versatile the shoe is. You can wear it to almost any occasion and still make a win of an outfit. On the same breath, these shoes are strictly forbidden in formal occasions because let’s face it, you can’t wear a tuxedo with them.

Summer and Spring are the best seasons to wear boat shoe because you can wear them with shorts while keeping cool at the beach. While some may be tempted to pair these with socks, it is a cardinal rule to have any socks peeping from the foot area. Some rather just go commando but for those who even cringe at the thought, you can always try secret socks.

The most common and safe colour to try these in is brown. This colour is also a win because very few colours don’t go well with brown. So whether you are at the office or having fun on the weekend, the boat shoe is the shoe to consider for casual wear.

Samson has a great range of boat shoes, otherwise known as the Colombo Docksider. To see the range and the different colours its available in, visit our website at