Samson - Why you can trust the Samson brand

Why you can trust the Samson brand


Durability and comfort. These are just two of the reasons why we love the Samson brand.

What was first known as workman’s wear has now changed its face to be a brand loved by the young and savvy. It is a brand that has garnered a lot of trust due to the lineage it comes from. For 90 years the heritage of this brand has been pushing the mantra of functionality, fashion and quality. We took the brand here in Mzansi and made it our own, from the Pantsula’s revolutionising the Sporty and the Americano trouser, to the brand’s relevance in the street-culture community. This brand has remained trusted and synonymous with clothing woven for the strong hard worker.

The legacy of Samson is now seen in the kitchen suits and dungarees that the brand has been fondly known for. It’s make and craftmanship is loved among the cool kids of the land who are always seen at hot spots dressed in styled ensembles of kitchen suits. It is this trust which has transcended from generation to generation that fortifies the trust that is in Samson as a brand as well as its clothing.

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