Samson - 5 ways to rock the Samson hoodie

5 ways to rock the Samson hoodie


Samson recently launched their university sweater line and with that came a variety of sweaters and hoodies but one question remains, how do you style a hoodie? Here are 5 ways to rock the Samson hoodie.

Layering with a coat

In as much as the cold uncomfortable months are here, this brings with it the freedom to layer up and be as warm as you want. One thing that is helpful with this is a hoodie. Layer it with a jacket or coat and slim fitting pants. This look exudes athleisure wear with an edgy feel.


Another great way to wear the hoodie is to layer it and pair it with a pair of tailored pants. This gives the overall look a clean finish. If you want to go all out though and pair the hoodie with a suit, try by all means for the suit to be a light grey, for the sneakers to be white and for the hoodie to be a dark colour- in this case navy or black usually works.

Leather jacket

The cool punk look is always a win. The layering of a hoodie (that is contrasting in colour) over a black leather jacket gives your look an edgy finish- much like the Rockstar look.

Local is lekker

In Mzansi we do things a bit differently though. A firm favourite when layering a hoodie is to put it underneath a dungaree and finish the look off with a bucket hat. This gives the look that nonchalant  look the township culture is known for.


You don’t need to buy an expensive flashy hoodie to nail the layered look. If anything, keep the hoodie as plain as possible because this will most likely clash with other colours your outfit might have #LessIsMore

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