Samson - Best fabric for children’s skin

Best fabric for children’s skin


It is a well-known fact that children have the most sensitive skin. Parents always try to do their best to protect their little ones but which fabrics work best for your little one’s sensitive skin.

Cotton is a common choice for some and it’s a sometimes effective choice because of how comfortable it is. Its’ material allows for maximum breathability-which means it doesn’t scratch or aggravate the skin. The downside however, is when your skin starts to sweat and creates an abrasive movement on your skin.

The next most common choice is silk. It doesn’t absorb as much moisture as cotton so this is a better choice right? Well, that is correct. Silk is made from natural anti-microbials which reduce the risk of aggravating the skin. This effect is worse on eczema prone skin. The benefit that silk has on skin which is especially prone to eczema, is that the skin looks much better.

Wool is the worse choice you can choose,  as even those who are not prone to skin irritation and eczema find that the material makes them jumpy and itchy. This is caused by the woollen fibres rubbing against the skin-causing irritation.

The material that Samson uses in their garments is very safe for children’s skin. Children aren’t as prone to sweating as adults are, which makes the Samson oval logo tee a great choice for your little one. To see our oval logo tee and the many colours it is available in, visit our website on