Samson - Boxers or briefs. What kind of man are you?

Boxers or briefs. What kind of man are you?


Is it a matter of comfort or is there a deeper connection that men have to the underwear they prefer? There  are many options available where underwear is concerned but we opt for the Samson briefs.

Briefs are a common choice among many men because of their design, different types of rises and colours. Most men like them because they offer ample support to their back side, they don’t use a lot of material and they leave the leg exposed (which is very vital around that area).  The added bonus is that they can be worn with almost anything because they don’t use a lot of material.

Briefs are also perfect for men who work out and don’t want to be bothered by the extra fabric that comes from boxers because, let’s face it, sometimes the boxer shorts are too “free” and don’t offer enough support. Briefs also win in the comfort department.

Choosing a pair of underwear that fits you best is more important than some may realise. Wearing uncomfortable underwear can be harmful especially if your underwear are too tight. To see what briefs suit your preference, visit our website on