Samson - Current street wear trends

Current street wear trends


We are past the half way mark with 2018 and this year more people have embraced the daring side of life where street fashion is concerned. Here are the latest street wear trends to hit 2018.

Over-sized clothes are in. Not only does it give you the futuristic Avant- Garde look and feel, but it gives you a surprisingly flattering look when done right. The correct type of synching on the waist line can give you a visibly slimmer look. From denim jeans and a baggy shirt, an exaggerated large jersey to an over-sized shirt that the ladies can transform to a dress. The over-sized look is simply effortless.

 Samson, which is known for their rich history, has been around for over 100 years and has evolved from its iconic work wear blue overall look,  to a mega street wear fashion range including dungarees , boiler suits and shorts, carpenter style trousers and kitchen suits.

 Maximize on your accessories. This is a big focus when putting together an outfit because they accentuate and add drama to  your outfit. Beanies are a befitting and versatile accessory. Not only because they are essential in keeping us warm but because they create a playful element to your outfit- the same rings truth for bucket hats and slim sunglasses which add a nonchalant flair to your outfit.

 Street wear can be as creative as you make it and Samson has managed to combine so many different styles while still maintaining its own identity. To see our range  visit our website on