Samson - Feature street wear trends

Feature street wear trends


Androgynous fashion as well as tailored garments have made another come back this year where street fashion is concerned, because let’s face it, fit is everything. Here are a few guidelines on how to wear these fashion forward trends the right way.

The idea is to be as open minded as possible and break boundaries. Ladies, this season it’s okay to wear your man’s suit and men, it’s okay to accessorise with items that would otherwise be regarded as “feminine” items. This trend, which has been seen predominantly on South African fashion runways, hails fit. Fit is everything and in 2018 it’s all about keeping it loose. Take the Samson Corduroy pants for instance, these are perfect for this season’s trends because they are cozy, comfortable and not to mention affordable.

 The Samson Corduroy pants are available in two colours ( gunmetal and brown) which allows you to mix and match daily however you please.

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