Samson - New year, new ways to style your dungaree

New year, new ways to style your dungaree


It is always amazing to see old classics being brought to life in new ways by generations who were yet to experience them in their hey days. In true Samson style, lets look at how relevant the dungaree is in 2018.

The big trend back in the day for ladies and dungarees, was to wear them as tightly as possible and they were always in different shades of denim. However this is a thing of the past now as “loose is in” and designers are more fearless when experimenting with different materials. Fear not though ladies as you will still be able to look good and snazzy but let us not forget that comfort is key.

Often times it is so easy to slap a t-shirt under the dungarees and be on your merry way but one thing that we have noticed is that effort is still key. When one use to think dungarees, the average denim make would pop up to mind. Major fashion houses have stepped it up and are thinking outside of the box when it comes to staple pieces that we grew up to. You will find interesting materials like faux leather and stretch material being used now more than ever. These go especially well with a black sexy stiletto but then again there are those bonafide believers who will say that dungarees and sneakers are a marriage that must not be broken.

Be that as it may, our favourite dungaree type remains the stripe club dungaree not just because of how comfortable it is but the stripes offer a bit of versatility from the norm. Samson has made sure that it cater to every dungaree lovers’ needs- hence the stripe pattern. To check out our dungaree in person, visit our website on