Samson - The Samson PU panel bag

The Samson PU panel bag


It’s three months into the year and some parents already have to replace the expensive back-pack they thought would last longer than it has. Cue the Samson PU panel bag.

First things first. What should you look out for the next time you go back-pack shopping? Ergonomically designed bags are always a win especially where your back is concerned. From a young age your back needs all the support it can get so that you grow up with good posture. A common mistake that parents make is to buy their children oversized back-packs in the hopes that they will grow into them. This is a big mistake! If anything, it is recommended that the smaller the back pack the better. For children that are 12 years and younger, anything that is more than 10 percent of their body weight can be deemed harmful as it can affect their posture.

Another important aspect to look for to check and see if the back-pack comes with compartments. These are important for distributing your bag’s contents according to how heavy it is- the heaviest items going against your back so that they get the most support.

We love the Samson PU panel bag because it has the important compartments needed. It also has side compartments for more distribution of your items. This ensures that all the weight is evenly distributed and not one particular part of your back is going to feel strain. To see our panel bag, visit our website on