Samson - The Samson university sweater range

The Samson university sweater range


Stepping out into a new venture, especially university, can be a daunting yet exciting experience. It is a time of coming into your own and expressing yourself as an individual. What better way to express yourself than through clothing.

The Samson university sweater range is designed for maximum comfort and warmth. Whether its running from class to class or pulling all nighters at the library, Samson has the sweater for you that will not only keep you comfortable but keep you looking good as well. We love the Samson university range because it is diverse and caters to the many different characters we find at university, from the nerd to the cool kids and those who are rough around the edges- each person is bound to find a jersey that speaks to them. It is available in a diverse range of colours, from your dark greys to your deep maroons, the colours speak to young adults who are still exploring their playful side. To see our winter range, visit our website on