Samson - Winter ready with the LA Slim chino

Winter ready with the LA Slim chino


We have been wearing them all summer with our golf t-shirts but the chilly season is here and this is no excuse to put them away. Chinos are as versatile as pair of trousers as there are, and they work just as well with the autumn season.

Most people confuse the difference between chinos and a pair of khakhi pants yet the two are so vastly different. The most basic difference (among many others), is the weight of the fabric. Chino pants are made of a fabric that is light weighted as opposed to a heavier fabric that khakhi pants are made from. An easy rule of thumb to tell the two  apart is that you wouldn’t necessarily go to the office or a semi-formal occasion in khakhis, right?-unless your job doesn’t confine you to an office space.

The Samson LA slim chinos are perfect for autumn. Not only do they keep the warm insulation intact but they usually come in flattering “pro-autumn colours” which make pairing up to create an outfit seamless. The LA slim chino, which is available in a tobacco colour, is a slim fit which means it gives off a flattering fit. Pair these with a flannel shirt and a neutral autumn bomber jacket and you will be good to go. Boots work best for this type of chilled.

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